A clone of the highly popular pixel font "HaxrCorp 4088" with some support for Cyrillic letters (still working on them). I'm considering working on other letters as well. P.S. I remember seeing an extended mod of HaxrCorp 4088/S8 somewhere on the Web (downloadable on a personal website as an original Unicode-wide extension to the classic HaxrCorp 4088) and it had vast support for more letters. If you find it, do let me know! P.P.S. Suggestions to improve it are appreciated! Mods are allowed - just cite me, provide a link to this page and also distribute it under the same license. Have fun using and modding it! P.P.P.S. See also "PIXELA CYR" by sanyapolecat on FontStruvt - a great addition to this font, the Cyrillic glyphs of which I might integrate as a substitute to the Cyrillic letters of this font (HaxrCorp 4089). Until then, I'll be experimenting with the Cyrillic glyphs myself until I find suitable versions that go well with the Latin base of HaxrCorp 4088. :)
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Sat, 13th June, 10:21 AM 2009
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sanyapolecat Sun, 25th March, 2012

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